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Let Small Business Marketing, LLC advertise for your business on the internet through Facebook marketing.


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Marketing tools that will increase your sales potential in your current small business.  Use the internet to market your business in your specific area and in your specific market.  Facebook ads can bring potential customers to you!

Learn how to scale up your business and increase profits

Small Business Marketing, LLC will use your information to create an advertisement that will be placed on Facebook.  You will control the daily budget.  You can also stop or pause the ad whenever you want to.

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Your advertisement will be customized for your area and for your market.  The cost of the initial advertisement will be broken down into two payments.  Half of the payment $250 will be due to create the ad, then after you approve the ad, you will pay the additional $250 in order for it to run on Facebook.  All costs from Facebook to run the ad will be your responsibility and will be put on your credit card.  You will control the daily budget and can stop or pause the ads at any time.

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Price List

Small Business Marketing is not guaranteeing any results from your advertising placement on Facebook.

Creation of Messenger Bot

You will need to supply your Facebook Page in order to use Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot Creation


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Your Messenger Bot will be created to your satisfaction.

Order Form

Please download the order form, provide your company information and attach in an email to

Facebook Ad Order Form (pdf)


Ad Creation


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Your advertisement for Facebook will be created to your satisfaction.